If you are younger than 25 years of age and want affordable car insurance then you will know that your age is a major factor in your risk profile. The fact is that the search for cheap car insurance in South Africa for any person under 25 is elusive. Actually it just does not exist unless you are prepared to compromise on the extent of the cover and possibly settle for unknown insurers in the market. You may feel that you are a responsible driver, and you probably are, but given the risk profile of drivers under the age of 25 years, most care insurance companies will not take the risk without charging extra based on the age factor. However, there are some points to consider which can help you find affordable cover that still protects you as you would expect out of car insurance.

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Expensive Insurance for Younger Drivers

First it is important to understand why drivers under 25 pay more for car insurance. Quite simply it is about the risk profile of the 18 to 25 year old drivers. There is no denying that this is a time in life where one partakes in risky, and often plain stupid, behaviour whether behind the wheel or just in life in general. Driving under the influence and driving faster than the speed limit is not q unique malady of the under 25 driver but there is no denying that younger drivers are a bit more reckless at times.

Its not just about your driving habits. ¬†Sometimes accidents happen and it is not your fault. But overall, car insurance companies find that the the accident rate is higher in the under 25 age group. So you are essentially “penalised” ahead of time. Even if your car insurance is not all that expensive, you will still have to pay a “penalty” at the time time of claim in the form of an under 25 excess. In order to qualify for cheaper car insurance, you either have to downgrade the cover or allow the primary driver (if it is not you) insure the vehicle.

Range of Insurance Cover

If your car is not under finance, you can opt for the cheaper third party insurance rather than comprehensive cover. It covers you against the costs of having to pay for the accident damage repairs should you be at fault in the accident. The bottom line is that comprehensive car insurance cover is the better cover. But if you are on a tight budget then it is better to opt for cheaper and lesser cover rather than no cover at all. Also look into a combination motor and vehicle household insurance. You may not own your own house but you can still qualify for this cover if you insure the household contents which belongs to you. It can translate into a saving in terms of under 25 car insurance.

The problem with just third part car insurance is that it protects you against the financial implications of damaging another person’s vehicle or property but does not reimburse you for the damage to your vehicle. Even if you can pay for the damages on your own, you may lose your vehicle in the event of theft, hijacking or even a fire. This is where a slightly better option comes in which can be broadly termed as basic car insurance. It contains third party cover along with theft and fire cover for your car.

Primary or Additional Driver

The news that you have to pay more for car insurance as an under 25 driver often seems like victimization. You may be a student. You may have just started working. This may be your first car. And the reality is that under 25s are very often not in a strong financial position compared to older adults who qualify for cheaper car insurance. However, it is about your age and risk profile and there is no getting around it. If the car is not yours then you may be in luck and possibly save a few bucks, provided that the owner is cooperative.

For example, if the car belongs to your parents and you only drive it occasionally then you are essentially the additional driver while your parent is the primary driver. As an older driver they will qualify for cheaper car insurance. However, there is still the additional excess that you will have to pay at the time of the claim if you were behind the wheel as an under 25 driver. Car insurance companies do ask upfront as to whom will be using the car most of the time, so do not lie about it.

Find Better Insurance for Under 25 Drivers

When searching for cheaper insurance as an under 25 driver, remember that cheaper is not always better. In fact you pretty much get what you pay for. So shop around carefully and do not let the price factor distract you. There is nothing worse than being out of pocket at the time of a claim when the cheaper insurance you opted for does not provide the level of cover that you expected. Remember that as an under 25 driver who is searching for cheaper insurance, the fact is that you do not have the money to spare now. Will you have the money to spare at the time of a claim? It is always good to speak to a short term insurance broker about specific policies like under 25 car insurance and get professional advice at the outset.